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Extrusion Lines and Equipment


Rosendahl offers a broad range of solutions for cable manufacturers, principally in cable extrusion lines, stranding lines and corrugation lines. Applications include low, medium an high-voltage power cable, automotive wire, LAN cables, coax cables and fiber optic cables. Rosendahl's patented SZ-Stranding technology allows continuous production at high production speed, and accommodates very long production lengths. Corrugation lines feature unique, advanced welding technology.


For more than 20 years, Inoex has been a pioneer in the development, production and implementation of gravimetric feed and blending equipment to measure and control dispersion of plastic materials for extrusion processes. Complete automated systems are available to provide customers with the ability to achieve the highest production efficiencies, profitability and quality. Inoex technical support teams are located near your manufacturing facilities to handle your requirements.

Erocarb Sa

This Swiss founded manufacturer has specialized in the production of extrusion crossheads and tooling for more than 30 years. EROCARB SA has focused on the needs of plastic cable and tube makers in developing their line of extrusion crossheads and in-line heads. Applications range from wire and cable for power, building, automotive, high temperature and data communications to tubing for medical, pipe and profiles. Combining cost effective solutions together with Swiss quality and precision, EROCARB SA continues to expand its worldwide presence and support. Visit the EROCARB SA webpage or contact J. J. Lowe Associates Inc. to see if we can offer solutions and/or cost benefits for your extrusion needs.


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